Version History

Filer Version 23.2

Updated Operations

  • Cloud Credentials: Added skip_validation to cloud credential update

New Operations

  • Global Locking: Enable Oplocks for Advanced Global Locking. This supports client read caching and can accelerate some applications.

Filer Version 22.3

New Operations

  • Blocked Clients: Block a client IP address on a Filer
  • Blocked Clients: Unblock a client IP address on a Filer
  • Blocked Clients: List blocked clients across all Filers

Filer Version 22.2

Bump API version to 1.2.0.

New Operations

  • Cloud Credentials: Update a cloud credential

Backward-Incompatible Changes

  • Cloud credentials now identified using a combination of filer_serial_number and cred_uuid , instead of cred_id , and now support the PATCH method.
  • The CIFS client, CIFS lock, and FTP client endpoints are now optimized for memory usage and response time. The responses from these endpoints no longer include a links field.

Filer Version 21.2

New Operations

  • NFS Exports: Create export
  • NFS Exports: Update export
  • NFS Exports: Delete export
  • NFS Exports: List NFS host options for an export
  • NFS Exports: Create NFS host option
  • NFS Exports: Get a host option for an export
  • NFS Exports: Update an existing host option
  • NFS Exports: Delete host option

Filer Version 8.8

New operations

  • Health Monitor: List health status for all Filers
  • Health Monitor: List health status for a Filer

Filer Version 8.5

New operations

  • Directory operations: Bring path into cache
  • Directory operations: Try to make the given directory path
  • Directory operations: Set pinning mode
  • Directory operations: Set auto caching mode
  • Directory operations: Disable pinning mode on a folder
  • Directory operations: Disable auto cache mode on a folder
  • AMQP: List AMQP Destinations
  • AMQP: List AMQP Destinations for a Filer
  • AMQP: Create an AMQP Destination
  • AMQP: Get a single AMQP destination
  • AMQP: Update an AMQP destination
  • AMQP: Delete an AMQP destination
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